About Me

Ten Facts You Didn’t Know About Yokana

  1. Her real name is Marie-Therese, and she has no middle name.
  2. She is a she.
  3. She is a proud Alumna to Louisiana State University.
  4. She has a degree in Mass Communications [PR] and Finance.
  5. She loves the craps table & reading Jodi Picoult.
  6. Phonetics of mainly the english language will forever fascinate her.
  7. One of her dark twisted fantasies is that every dream in her future will actually happen, because she controls it.
  8. If you haven’t noticed by her choices in metaphors, she’s pretty good at Monopoly.
  9. She think it’s silly to have a favorite food or color, because things change relative to time and inferences so she doesn’t hold onto those anymore.
  10. smile