Your Body is Smarter

Than YOU.

Funny story – you (or maybe just me) think that you are smarter than everyone…including your body.
We’re smarter than our doctor prescribing drugs we don’t need. [Web M.D. is all we need, right?]
We’re smarter than our coworkers who only do the bare minimum & can’t understand casual fridays.
We’re smarter than our generation…because we have a savings account.
We’re smarter than last generation because we protest and actually get the ball rolling with legislation and have a black President.

But Pro – Tip ladies & gentleman: your bod is smarter than you.

I say this because on my mini-stint to fast dairy in January, I ended up decreasing my dairy consumption in the process. To the point where I only drink soy or almond milk. I limit my cheese consumption to salads and sandwiches I don’t prepare myself on good days.
Not because I want to be a slim-jim. I mean I do want to be a lean-healthy-jim, but because soy/almond milk has less calories and cheese tends to be an unhealthy snack I needed to cut out. Yes, I count calories (in my head).

Fast-forward to this past weekend where I had regular-degular coffee with creamer that tasted delicious, made by not-me. My mind said sure, take a weekend off. My body introduced me to the bathroom. And we can leave it at that.
Let’s just say – that my body “reacted” to me bringing dairy back into my life.

I thought that a break from dairy – is just, a break from dairy. Yeah, no.
Turns out your bod easily adjusts to what you put or do not put into it very quickly. Which technically is a good thing.
ie – It’s not that hard to get into some good habits kids. Your body can always be easily trained, as long as your mind is ready to do the work.

So the fun takeaways:
1. Drink more water
2. Be aware that your bod will react when you remove/add constants
3. Remember to keep your meal-prep consistent, one slip up & you’ll end up eating Ramen for lunch & die with no awesome carrot snacks


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