People Watching is Perfectly Fine

It adds value – to your day.
That value being entertainment and not productivity, but the latter isn’t always needed.

Sometimes applying some fake dialogue to a couple sitting 5 feet away is healthier for your creative juices.
Hypothetically you have written your first chapter, episode, or scene if you can play with this activity for about an hour. Where will these characters take you and why? What are they thinking and how do they relate to each other?
What languages or dialects are they speaking, and how do they sound in your voice?

If you have honestly never transcribed from afar, you’re too self-focused. Pause from what you’re doing and take a moment to learn about someone else’s life.

  1. The worst (most) you will embrace is your creative juices
  2. Tuning out from distractions and technology is a great daily practice
  3. I practice this at least once a week – i’m still here
  4. You may learn something in the process –


People watching isn’t always adding dialogue. Sometimes it’s literally watching like a creeper from afar. That includes watching other people’s actions and real dialogue with other people.
You can see behavior you may like or dislike. Behavior you may want to imitate, behavior you dislike being relayed to other people. I’m not going to get right on the soapbox…but watching America can teach you a thing about America just that easily. You can make your own opinions and go forth and seek out on how you want to see them changed – just that easily. (Yes, that second easily I use with hesitation and understand will take more time).

Regardless. Watching saves lives. Watching grows lives. Watching educates lives. Watch more. If you need to add dialogue sometimes, that’s okay too – charge it to creativity.




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