Preachin’ Podcasts

I can’t be the first to notice that podcasts are timed and organized versions of preaches for millennials and the generations that are with-it? Now i’m not saying it’s a bad thing…

What I am saying is that we are choosing to listen more to messages that are organized into hour-long mediums and fit the genres that we are interested to. Instead of having actual conversations with people around us.
We would rather listen to other people have conversations about things we care about instead of have those conversations ourselves. We would rather get on a blog and talk about our feelings, or whip out our hotline and tweet out some pseudo-deep message or quote. 

As a talker-lover, i’m scared of the direction that we are forcing communication. I’m not saying that we should go back to rotary phones & postal messages only – but maybe we should only use podcasts during our down-time & maybe not look for them to solve our every problem. “There’s an app for that…has become, there’s a podcast for that.” Are you okay with that future?

Everyone will always have an opinion.

No freaking way. The difference among people – is if they are willing to share and discuss and defend it with others. Podcasts don’t exactly allow for the former.
Open discussions can also result in yell sessions where nothing is actually resolved. The only difference from a podcast is that more voices are introduced [one would assume].
In contrast – podcasts allow for editing and agendas and organization, & the topic of a resolution can always be introduced. Open discussions would require an essence of being more formal [or a mediator] in order for the former to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good podcast. I have a handful I listen to weekly, I also have about 5 with ten episodes each waiting for me to press play during a solo road-trip of flight. But I take them at face value. I promise that my opinion will still be existent. I invite you question it.


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