You Recently Found Out Books Are Awesome

When the world is crashing down. Books will still be there (so will cockroaches).
When you lose your job, books will be there.
When you are stuck with ample free time and no wifi, books will always be there. 

…And the rest of your family and friends aren’t on the book binge with you? There are those few friends who understand reading – but the majority of people around you will take books for their granted. Pick up that light romance novel on vacation and finish it next year. Then comes the list of excuses for why they haven’t opened a book lately. Just accept that not everyone will carve time out everyday or every weekend solely to finish a book and open a new one. And that’s okay.

You are going to drive the people around you insane (not to mention lose all friends) if you try to push reading on everyone you know. As a book lover, I understand the mutual feeling of opening the door to Narnia where there are infinite bookshelves waiting for you to pick selections and fall into a new story. However – take it from someone who learned firsthand, it’s much easier to just embrace the newer and understood mediums that readers use to connect with others who walk like us, talk like us, and read like us.


  1. Book Clubs

While this one may seem obvious, the 21st century has done a fantastic job of NewGen Book Clubs. Seeing that you don’t have to be in person to discuss the books you read anymore (Twitter, YouTube, Goodreads), many bloggers and people you may know host them so you don’t have to visit your local library (even though those are still fun and vintage), and if you don’t see any that tickle your fancy: start one. It can be virtual or it can be small and grow via one or two people you know who can keep up with reading and meeting up once a month. Be prepared that Meetup doesn’t work & that sometimes people still won’t be as eager right away as you. Stay happy!


  1. Book Riots | Book Reviews | Goodreads | YouTube & Blogging

The Internet has made reading fun for different generations for different reasons. Not everyone gets their kicks from talking about books over wine and cheese – some enjoy doing it in front of a webcam to rant or praise, while others like websites that offer yearly challenges, a network of other readers and the smallest portal to authors and books organized and suggested. The Internet has a space for readers to post or vlog reviews on books; you will come to know that this is not a small community in the slightest.


  1. Pick Up Another One

Reading is about escaping the current world you’re in sometimes and getting lost in a story being told by someone else. If you are not satisfied with the groups around you failing to love books as much as you do, get over it and find something else to strengthen your brain with.

I promise you will never run out.


My current reads: How a Person Should Be? | Walmart: The Face of the Twenty-First Century Capitalism | Small Victories | Nudge 


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