You are What You You Consume

I consume self-help | super-girl power | entrepreneurial books.
And I’ve started consuming more water.
When my posterior is straight – I work out on a regular basis (5 days-ish a week) & eat my meal prep healthy food {with wine & cheats to off set towards the end of the week} when needed.
I take my centrum and i’m good to go.

Ironically, even when I went on a self-help book break, my fiction of choice was self-help lite. But the water thing – holy shit. I have turned into the water version of the Windex guy from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. WATER SOLVES ALL YOUR PROBLEMS.

Water is slowly ailing my migraines. (Currently I have stopped talking one of my needed)
Water is supplementing my hangry. (Be near bathrooms at all times)
Water flushes out your irritation and helps you think more clearly. (I made this one up – but I feel great & it is because of water and not Diet Dr. Pepper or Greek Yogurt or Wine sadly…so it is water)
Water is not available everywhere but is usually the easiest bev to attain in this country. So milk your benefit. Ha Ha – see what I did there?

Want to boost your healthy lifestyle transition?

[new fancy schmancy term instead of diet]
Drink you some WATA. L’eau – Magi – Agua – liquid golddddd.

Fun hint: You can put it in cool trendy water bottles & don’t need ice, you can drink more faster that way.
There will be a water joy blog post part deux in the weeks to come.


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