Marina’s List of Inventions for You

My April gift to you all; simple inventions or companies that I, as a consumer, know that metropolitan cities and 20-somethings with disposable income can splurge on now and worry about later. I encourage you to comment so when I update the list in a few months – perhaps some of these items will either exist or this will be a helpful resource for people who don’t feel like taking their finals in college. Or don’t feel like going to college. Or high school.

So if you’d rather take the quick route in life – I don’t feel so bad with making this list of things you can get rich quick with: satisfy my needs.

We don’t have to acknowledge the fact that these inventions are literally resolutions to my first world problems right now. We can instead acknowledge that I am providing potential goods that are waiting to be created for me to consume.

  1. The “We Fix TVs in the Gym Co.”

Feel free to tweak the name, but apartment companies across the country will go bananas over this little team. As well as gym complexes everywhere – (are they called gym complexes or are they arenas?) While you’re at it – put a marketing person on your team and get them working with Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, Apple and e-readers to get the good stuff on these televisions.

Problem: Mini TVs in gyms everywhere display “No service” or “error”
Solution: Add TV & be better, get Netflix & books

  1. A Vocal Device that Recites my Lists: Planner | Amazon Echo in Board Form| Syncs to Phone | Works also as White Board

I am not asking for too much, I am asking for my life to be made easier. This will likely require a team that has IT, architecture and patience. A tastefully decent looking whiteboard the size of a living room painting that talks, works like an agenda, syncs with my phone & Google lists and can contain multiple screens. So a tweaked smart board for the planner.

Solutions: Add a twitter feed, add a productivity monitor – all verbal, create a scheduler and have it synced with Google

  1. Cheap Outsourceable Weekend Assistant

This sounds like an unfavorable task, and it is. But so is caring of 30 dogs. I would keep someone on my payroll of 1 – if they came every weekend and took care of the miniscule tasks that I put off to doing during these 3 days like: gassing up my car, buying groceries specifically at the lowest price I can find, meal prepping 2 different meals for the upcoming week, 2-3 hours of apartment custodial work.

Bonus: Ability to wash, style & blow-out transitioning hair in house & wax face

  1. Charger for Mac with the body of a PC

I guess I’m the only one in America that eats cords. But I also have a PC laptop and that cord has never died. I’ve gone through 2 Mac chargers, so I need a Mac charger with the body of a PC. This item will have a lifetime warranty; I’m only buying one.

  1. Personal Discount Analyzer

If this is a computer, it has means for error or competition from companies – which is why I advise the task remain by a human for as long as possible. I enjoy saving & cutting corners, which means comparing prices for practically everything. I would save eons of time if someone else did this – point blank. And I would pay in a bargain-able item or a monthly subscription for this service. And I don’t mean the Walmart app that compares prices but leaves out companies; I need every source compared and provided on excel and displayed visually and verbally summarized.

  1. Organize and Export Twitter

All the articles I favorite but never get a chance to read, I need organized and exported somewhere. A cloud account would be nice, but I need access to them offline as well. I don’t want them cluttered in my email – because that would also decrease my productivity if I got a bunch of emails and then read all those articles.




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