Blacklisted Companies List: Do You Have One?

I am in my mid-twenties and represent the second largest demographic in America that is advertised to. Technically, I have a lot of purchasing power – and if I am unsatisfied with something, making the choice not to shop there any longer I am communicating my dissatisfaction.

Trust me, I do tweet them and provide my suggestions, take the lousy surveys for the freebies, and talk to the wondrous customer service reps. But the strongest action, is through putting them on the blacklisted companies list. They rarely come off of the list, and that’s okay.

When you are dissatisfied with how a service is produced, just remember that there are very few monopolies in America providing services. Should they be a monopoly in the industry and you are still unsatisfied with their product or services, remember that its highly not a necessity: there is nothing Apple provides that you cannot live without.

If you don’t have a blacklisted companies list yet, you like people pushing you over. It’s as simple as writing out companies that have failed you and vowing not to return there.

Reasons to Put Companies on a Blacklist:

  1. They test on animals
  2. They have hidden fees
  3. Their customer service is trash
  4. They have hidden fees
  5. They have ads where people like you aren’t existent, or are depicted poorly
  6. They have competitors who can provide the same services cheaper with less headaches
  7. They aren’t equal opportunity employers
  8. They support icky legislation and legislators
  9. Their product DOES NOT WORK!

Not Reasons to Put Companies on a Blacklist:

  1. They didn’t waive your bill
  2. They didn’t provide you freebies with your online order
  3. They don’t have cool celebrities promoting their products on TV
  4. Their free trial was only 1 month
  5. You cant find their product on Groupon or Amazon or Walmart

The real question is: do you like spending money & being unhappy after? Its that simple.


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